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Love and The Devil

Love and The Devil

Love and The Devil by LassalleLove and The Devil by Lassalle (1)Love and The Devil by Lassalle (2)Love and The Devil by Lassalle (3)
Love and the Devil is a Bas Relief wall mounted Plaque. This is an analogical piece, could be also called the return of the prodigal son, it is really about unconditional love.. Here are some quotes in response to seeing this work-: "Lucianne's final piece is exquisite - the intimacy is palpable and the detail is sublime." (Catherine Norris) "Lucianne's sculpture "love and the devil" is arrestingly beautiful. The way that love is holding the devil in that strong and gentle embrace - the devil's little horns so close to love's chest - i find the image very powerful and moving." Rushna Dalton. "What a wonderful piece that is. Thanks so much for sharing it. I keep going to close the page and find myself opening it again for another look. What an extraordinary talent." Dana Friis. "I am bowled over by the beauty of your latest work ..'Love and the Devil" Hester Bates

Also available in Bronze ltd ed 5 , £5000

Limited Edition
70cm x 38cm x 5cm
Edition of 8
Can be seen at Bowie Gallery