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Study the Human Form in Clay 2017

with Lucianne Lassalle

La Meridiana internation ceramics centre in Tuscany, Italy


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Residential course 3rd - 9th September 2017

What could be more inspiring than the opportunity to spend a week focused on sculpture in the beautiful Italian countryside? 

In this five-day course we will be exploring sculpture inspired by the human form. The workshop will be focused, creative and intensive. 

Firstly we will informally discuss and examine how artists over the years have represented the human form. 

Then looking at the life model in different poses we will do a series of quick sketches on paper and short studies in clay. We will be noticing the movement or flow of the form, the volumes, the negative spaces, the balance and the direction of the movement. 


Lucianne will be giving demonstrations and one to one guidance throughout the five days. We will work from the model for two days and after that we’ll continue working from our clay sketches, using them as a starting point for our main individual sculptures. We will use the local red-firing Galestro clay and make without the use of armature. 

In this course the aim is for everyone to make a clay sculpture inspired by the human form. It may be a fairly representational expressive sculpture or a totally abstract work, but each piece will be a completely unique sculpture and a creative expression of each unique student. The work will be fired after the end of the workshop, when completely dry. Arrangements for shipping the work home can be made. 

Residential Workshop Cost 

In Double room: 1080 Euros 

In Single room: 1230 Euros 


 6 night lodging in apartment with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities ( max. 3 people to one bathroom)

Welcome dinner


 5 midday meals during the working days at la Meridiana 

Studio space 

Materials and firings 

Model for two days 

Not included: 


Additional activities like field trips or cooking lesson 



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Large ceramic torsos for the garden

Fully Booked

12th - 15th June               

Mappowder studio, Mappowder, Dorset UK

Tutor: Lucianne Lassalle,  website:


“This year we will be building torsos, simple forms about 2ft high that could go in the garden. We will be building with slabs making hollow forms with no armature so the work can be easily fired.

Day one : looking at examples of torsos in sculpture past and present.  Focusing on Form. Doing charcoal sketches and a couple of clay sketches in the morning and getting the clay slabs ready for building from mid thigh up. With a model as reference.

Day two: Working from the model on the slab form building up to the head and arms. 

Day three: continue working on the torso with the model.

Day four: finishing the form without a model,  refining the forms looking at the overall form, texture, simplicity and flow. Considering how the torso will stand on the base etc. Explore using sand and stone dust on the clay for texture. 


Optional, Day five: After the clay has been fired we can look at mounting the sculpture on bases ( stone or wood) bases need to be sourced (we can discuss this before in regards to size)

Also staining the clay to deepen or enhance the colour. 

Added fee for Materials , metal rods and drill bits and stone or wood for mounting .

Arrangements can be made to kiln fire the finished sculpture at an extra cost 

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Many thanks for a wonderful few days in South Brent, Lucianne.  It was like being on a retreat, a peaceful and creative time, and was a complete therapy.  I found myself wondering how long I’d like it to carry on – a month I think! – before returning to the hurly burly of life in Southampton.  You are a generous and sympathetic teacher and a great sculptor.   I hope to come to another of your courses soon.  Many thanks again.

Anne Smith.

I feel privileged to be taught and inspired by Lucianne in her sculpture classes. She is a gifted artist and teacher who is consistently supportive and skilled at all aspects of figurative sculpture and firing.

Simone Wilkie


Lucianne is a gifted sculptor, producing works of art that transport and inspire and move, with that rare quality of also being a gifted teacher. She has clarity in her communication, sensitivity and patience, is creative in the methods she uses and is able provide individual and relevant feedback within a class situation. She also has a good sense of humour and is modest in herself. I have no hesitancy in recommending her both as a sculptor and teacher.

Massimo Giannuzi Funeral Director at green fuse

Working with Lucianne in various sculpting groups over the years has me in awe of her capabilities as a sculptor and hands on director of such groups! She demonstrates not only an inner driven capacity for works of excellence but also the intricate technical knowledge needed to communicate to students so that their works may flourish!     Maya Waterman , Actor, voice artist


Lucianne is an accomplished sculptor and a highly capable art instructor. She can work with students one-on-one as well as in groups, and she has excellent insight on a given student's particular difficulty.

At the same time, if she is working on her own, she demonstrates both the technical aspects of art-making and the intuitive departures from the straightforward that provide a piece of art with its ability to engage and excite a viewer. I highly recommend a class with Lucianne, a cheerful conversation with her or the purchase of a piece of her work.

Frank Carsey,  Ceramic Artist


Lucianne is an inspiring creative professional whose work is always produced with a rigorous attention to detail and quality. Her sculptural work is world class and has been refined over many years of unerring application and development. She has consistently focused on building a reputation as a figurative sculptor over many years and has exhibited her unique and distinctive works all over the world. As a teacher she is inspiring, patient, conscientious and fun to work with.

Emil Thompson, X-Platform Creative



Workshops Studying the Life Model working in Clay without an armature

Briefly - what we will do in the workshops

These workshops will be focused, creative and intensive. We will be working from a life model to gain a good working understanding of the human form.The course is suitable for all students from absolute beginner to the more experienced.  All students will be tutored on an individual basis; everyone works at their own pace. We will learn about the proportions, basic anatomy, rhythms and dynamics of the human figure.
We will be studying the human form through clay sketches, and short studies culminating in a three/four-day pose. We will aim to make one main focused piece of work, creating an in-depth observation and exploration of the human form.
There will be flexibility for students who wish to move from direct representational interpretation to creating their own expressive or abstracted interpretation of the human form. Students will be working in clay without an armature. We will be using a fairly groggy crank or hand-building clay.  The max size of the work will be determined by kiln sizes and transportation restrictions.

We aim to have serious fun, to work hard and to extend our perceptions of the human form.

Learning to really look at what 'is' rather than what we 'think' it is.


For workshop bookings and more details:

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I will supply modelling-stands, clay, tools, ect.